How to Find a Career

Speaking to an representative from GCu. sophmore John Dawson takes a step to reach his academic success

As graduation approaches, seniors prepare themselves for the future by pushing through their stress in order to reach their career goals.

“Reaching the goal of playing football in college and fulfilling my scholarship is the most important thing in my life right now,” senior Dylan Kelley said. “There will always be obstacles in life, but I know that I need to stay motivated and be determined to continue pushing through them.”

Even juniors are taking the early steps to achieve their dreams. From researching colleges and occupations to making appointments in the student advisor’s office, juniors are setting new standards for their peers.

“The advisors and teachers have prepared me a lot, especially this year,” junior Alexa Davis said. “My teachers have given me tasks and homework that not only have taught me academic knowledge but life knowledge. Responsibility is something everybody has to take on at some point in our lives. I was really able to get a feel for it this year through the assignments my teachers have given me. My teachers also gave me hope and excitement for what the future can bring.”

With the help of the student advisors, seniors are able to get support regarding minor or major situations concerning their futures. The advisors assist students in researching scholarships and giving them motivation to push forward to careers.

“I plan to go to MCC for one semester, then go on a mission for the Church Of Latter Day Saints when I turn 19. When I return, I plan to move back to Utah to finish my bachelor’s in elementary teaching,” senior Estella Beeson said. “I am currently in childhood development, which is such a fun class where I get to help a preschool student.”

Sometimes, however, seniors can be tempted to slack off and lose sight of their goals. With the help of the advisors, students are kept on the rigorous course to graduation and future professions.

“While there are a lot of students who have seen how their hard work has paid off and continue to give it their all, there are far too many students who feel they deserve an ‘easy’ senior year,” Senior Advisor Ms. Zeper said. “That’s a tough mindset because your senior year is just as important as any other year.”

Careers are all about the decisions that one makes in life, especially in high school. This is an important step in life as well as succeeding in high school and college. For more information about career planning, visit

(Featured Image By Ms. Saquella)