Red Mountain Prom

Student Council will be holding Prom at the Mesa Convention Center at 263 N. Center St. Mesa, AZ 85201 from 7 to 10 p.m. on May 13. Tickets will be sold in the bookstore and prices will be announced closer to the event. To enter the event, students must bring their ticket and ID. Juniors, seniors and their dates should be aware that dress code will be enforced and all guests are subject to breathalyzer and search. “One Last Adventure,” the theme for Prom aligns with the yearbook theme for the year.

“After seeing the yearbook, we decided to keep the theme going by choosing ‘Our Last Adventure,’” Student Council President Victoria Huston said. “We love how well it shows how we should cherish these last few months, but still be happy and excited for graduation.”

The DJ for the event will be Satyr Entertainment, a popular company that Student Council has used before.

“I am excited for Prom because it’s my senior year, and it’s going to be my last high school dance, so I want to make the best out of it,” senior Jazmin Park said. “I’m going all out and having the most amazing time with all my friends before we all graduate and go our separate ways.”

Staying true to the theme “One Last Adventure,” Prom will be held in the Mesa Convention Center with great amenities, including ample space for the event and beautiful scenery.

“Prom is everyone’s way of coming together and having fun before we graduate and leave high school,” senior Shelbi Moeller said.

More information can be found at the Prom Assembly in late April or by talking to a Student Council representative.

(All Photos by Ms. Saquella)