Sealing the Deal

Painting wood for a service ramp, senior Kate Walberg volunteers for Sierra Service Project on the Navajo Reservation over the summer

The Honor for Excellence in Service Learning is an opportunity for students who have served their community to be rewarded with a seal on their diploma and a notation of the Honor on their transcript. Students in the class of 2020 and beyond will need 200 service hours to get the seal, while sophomores, juniors and seniors need 150. Students can attain curriculum-based hours through classes such as Publications, JROTC or being
a teacher’s aide and extracurricular hours through community service events.

“I’ve been in Club Diversity since sophomore year,” senior Hallie Merrifield said. “I joined it because I needed hours but also because my friend recommended it. Ever since then I’ve loved it. I’ve learned that volunteering is really good because you get to meet a lot of people and actually get to play a part in the community.”

Students can get involved in service learning on campus with Link Crew, FFA, Plasma Robotics, Student Council, Publications and the Service Learning class.

“I currently have over 800 service hours,” senior Shelbi Moeller said. “Right now I volunteer at a retirement home, and I’ve also volunteered as a teacher’s aide for a fourth-grade class.”

Common places for students to volunteer outside of school include food banks, hospitals, animal shelters and libraries. Students can also visit Service Learning Coach Ms. Bianchi for more ideas on where they can serve.

“I advertise service opportunities to students and teachers that are available in the community,” Ms. Bianchi said. “I also distribute materials to students such as applications and monitor and collect time cards.”

To start earning service hours, students can stop by the advisement office and fill out an application form. For more information on service learning, contact Ms. Bianchi at