The Commons

who: Nicole DeMara Where: the comons change exchange when: 01102016 what: giving out a spirt shirt to a student

In a new initiative, Red Mountain is reintroducing the media center as The Commons, a newly renovated resource center that provides everything from independent reading novels to research materials.

“In order to meet the changing needs of our students, it made sense to repurpose the space,” Resource Center Specialist Ms. Webber said. “With the district Blended Learning initiative, came the need for re-charging stations, Tech Support Center, offices for Academic Interventions, Educational Technology, Instructional Support and The Red Mountain Way Change Exchange.”

Administration and staff members collaborated to come up with a new face and name.

“We came up with a few ideas for names and then took a vote,” Ms. Webber said. “In the end, The Commons is perfect, defined by as ‘belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests.’”

Various renovations were made to The Commons to make it a successful resource center.

“The district installed four charging stations for students,” Ms. Webber said. “The center bank of computers was removed and replaced with a cozy seating area. The walls have been painted and our incredibly talented welding department made and hung the ‘industrial looking’ back lit sign behind the main Information Desk.  In addition, we have college pennants, looping slideshows and photographs of alumni as our new decor.”

Sophomores Lillyanna Ortiz and Izabel Pena casually play desktop basketball during A lunch on January 5. Photo by Julianna Head.


Most recently, the College and Career Center relocated to The Commons. Room 202, the previous College and Career Center space, will now be used for club meetings, conferences and training sessions.

“The Commons can fit the requirements of varying visiting presenters,” College and Career Center Specialist Ms. Willis said. “There are two screens for presentations, seating for up to 150 and the ability to fit four or five classes at a time. We believe The Commons will definitely increase accessibility, visibility and increased traffic by being centrally located to where the students actually spend their time on campus.”

After the variety of positive changes, students are encouraged to explore all aspects of The Commons.

“The idea is to create an environment which combines all campus resources in a centralized location,” Ms. Willis said. “There is no end to the possibilities as the area will continuously evolve depending on the need of all students.”

Another addition is the Change Exchange Center, located on the east side of The Commons. It is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. but closed during third period.

For more information, visit The Commons or go to

(Feature photo by Amanda Henley.)