Teacher Feature Week 7

Ms. Groeber


Q: What unique characteristic do you bring to Red Mountain?

Groeber: A unique characteristic is that I am very interested in publishing and editing. I attended Denver Publishing Institute in 2012 and have previously helped two authors with their books. One author that I edited for was a previous teacher from Red Mountain, Ms. Foster.

Q: What made you decide to be a teacher?

Groeber: The people I most admired while growing up were the educators. I wanted to be an encouragement to students like my teachers were to me. My favorite part about teaching is the relationships between staff and students while being able to read amazing classics, and share them with the students who haven’t read them before.

Mr. Munoz


Q: What unique characteristic do you bring to Red Mountain?

Munoz: My students say that I’m not only a teacher but also a leader. I’m never afraid to talk to and get to know my students. I teach Spanish, but more importantly I teach my students life lessons.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Munoz: Teaching helps me stay young. My favorite thing is getting to know my students and building great relationships with everyone. It seems that I learn something new every day. It’s amazing how much you learn after you think you know everything.

Ms. Creaser

Assistant Principle, Student Services 

Q: What is your position at Red Mountain? What do you do on a day to day basis?

Creaser: This is my first year at Red Mountain and I am the Assistant Principal of Student Services, I oversee academics and student achievements. I regularly look at data to see where our students are being successful and where they may need additional support. I also am the administrator of the senior class, so I work closely with Mrs. Contreras and Mrs. Zeper to monitor our seniors. We want all of them to be successful and walk across the stage at graduation.

Q: Why did you choose Red Mountain?

Creaser: I chose Red Mountain because of its reputation for success in the classroom, through performing arts and in athletics. Because I have worked at multiple high schools, I have the benefit of multiple perspectives. I have seen many paths to success and hope that I can offer some valuable insight here at Red Mountain.