Special Education in Beginning Acting

Red Mountain theater is well known for its successful productions and inspiring acting classes. This semester, beginning theater has changed the typical classroom environment by adding something special. Mr. Erickson’s 4th hour Beginning Acting class is now accepting students from Red Mountain’s Special Education program.

“It’s a traditional class with special education added,” Mr. Erickson said. “The goal was to incorporate electives for special needs and by doing this, we are making this a teamwork environment.”

In the class, students are able to grow and learn from each other. In addition, their creativity reflects through their self-written monologues.

“I have lots of friends like Armando, and he is my best friend,” senior Wyatt Coker said. “I like acting and having fun.”

By learning through their peers and educators, Special Education students are able to make new friendships and are able to expand their knowledge in the arts.

“We’ve been learning about how to write monologues, and we’re going to perform them in front of the entire class,”  freshman Breanna York said. “I like this class because we are able to help special education kids while having fun.”

Encouraging others, learning the basics of acting and making new friends is what beginning theater is all about. Now, each and every student has the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the arts. For more information about theater classes, see Mr. Erickson in Room 404.

(Photo by Alexis Hernandez)

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