Heavy Metal

Creating. elaborate pieces for other clubs, fundraisers and more is what Welding Club has been doing best the past five years and is continuing this year. Along with making metal art, members of the club are known for being friendly and welcoming. Welding Club took first place in the Fabtech Regional Welding Without Borders after being placed second last year.

Two welding students weld a project during their class. Photo by Paul Stanton

“How did it feel to win? The kids were elated, they worked really hard for that program.” Mr. Hurst said. “Saturdays, after school, early in the mornings trying to get ready, and it was kind of amazing just sitting back and seeing these kids do what they do best.”

Some of the metal art that Welding Club has made for the school’s campus are teachers name plates and the sign in The Commons.

“We just finished the renaming of the library to ‘The Commons.’ The students built that sign, so that was one of the things that they agreed to,” Mr. Hurst said. “It was installed over Christmas Break.”

Three welding students raise a cloud of steam as they cool their projects in a water trough. Photo by Paul Stanton.

The Welding Club is unique because of their guidelines and the skills they use.

“We have a president and a vice president, we have secretary and treasurer, just like any other club,” Mr. Hurst said. “The only difference between our club and the traditional club on campus is we are a SkillsUSA sponsored club. All of our guidelines and skills make it so that we can compete on a national level.”

With Welding Club succeeding like they have in the past four years, there is no doubt that the students led the team to success.

“In the last four years, we’ve won two State Invitational Welding contests,” Mr. Hurst said. “We came in second place last year, and then we won first place in the Fabtech Regional Welding Without Borders, so they’re getting pretty good.”

Devoted Welding Club member Rebecca Divit making some sparks for the Red Mountain High School Science Fair. Photo by Amanda Henley

Beyond being successful in tournaments, Welding Club also contributed to campus culture.

“It’s awesome and the reason is because kids have the tendency of creating things that you wouldn’t think about or approaching things in a different way, and I think what’s really cool about it is I let them think outside the box,” Mr. Hurst said. “They volunteered to support other clubs, and to me, that’s the amazing thing.”

(Featured photo by Paul Stanton)