Publishing Science: A New Journal for Red Mountain Students

Using a micropipette to transfer liquid to a pcr tube junior Michael Rae Borrmann works on her lab project

“The goal is to highlight the innovative research that is being performed by Red Mountain students”

–Ms. Gazda

Biotechnology is a CTE course that teaches students about how to work in a lab and conduct research. Starting this year, some students will publish their work in a scientific journal.    

“The goal is to highlight the innovative research that is being performed by Red Mountain students,” Biotechnology teacher Ms. Gazda said.  “The gold medal projects from the science fair and the majority of the AP Capstone research will have their abstracts published while the highest achieving will have their full project published.”

Students are very eager to see their projects published in a scientific journal and to receive recognition for their work.

“The thing that I’m most excited for is the collaboration and the interesting research being done by high school students,” junior Michael Rae said. “I enjoy the process of science and want to do anything I can do to help with the journal.”

The journal will be published and released towards May. Stories will include a broad variety of scientific topics.

“I’m so excited about all of the projects that will be put in the journal,” Ms. Gazda said. “Some of the projects include DNA damage repair to assist with cancer treatment, studying hormone fluctuations and effects on joint damage and an engineering project that consist of remodeling buildings to incorporate natural temperature.”

Even though Biotechnology will be putting in most of the research in the journal, many other classes are helping with the project.

“There are many classes that contribute to our work,” Ms. Gazda said. “Some of the classes and activities are the science fair, Roar Magazine, AP Capstone and Photography.”

The scientific journal is scheduled to be released in the spring. For more information on this or the Biotechnology class, see Ms. Gazda in Room 717.