“Hold On” for “Illuminate” Shawn Mendes’s

sm-press-photo-3From acclaimed Vine star to famous singer-song writer, Shawn Mendes has come a long way in his music career. In 2013, Shawn shared his first cover with the world and hit over 10,000 views in just under 24 hours. Now, Mendes is beginning his world tour to share his passion for his music in his new album “Illuminate” with fans everywhere. Starting July 6, Shawn Mendes will be kicking off his world tour in the U.S., where he will be performing in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday, July 15 at the Gila River Arena.

“The ashawn-mendes-web-bannerlbum is really special because it was written in so many different places,” Shawn Mendes said in a Vevo Lift interview. “A lot of the songs just came from spontaneous inspiration, it was not like we would sit down in a room and be like now we are going to write these songs. It was like an idea would come and we would start jamming out and all of the sudden it would turn out to be a six hour writing session.”

Shawn Mendes uses “professions of romantic agony” to help him perfect a “worrying tone” in his voice. Mendes gives hope to his listeners through his lyrics and his story. 

“When times are tough and I have no one to talk to, Shawn Mendes’s songs have always been there for me to give me inspiration and hope that I will get through what I am going through,” junior Sabrina Gilbert said. “I really hope that he will keep on making great music in the future, and I cannot wait for his next album.”

Mendes has released two albums, “Handwritten” and his most recent, “Illuminate.” Each of the albums and songs are confessions of love and hardship. Some of the most popular songs include “Life of the Party,” “Stitches” and “Treat You Better.” With Mendes’s authenticity and smooth lyrics, he tells a story about being a love-struck teenager, making him relatable to teens everywhere.

“When I am having a life crisis, listening to Shawn Mendes makes me realize that tomorrow is a new day and a new start,” junior Myka Lance said. “Having someone that sings with such passion is my emotional medicine.”

For more information about tickets or Shawn Mendes, visit http://www.shawnmendesofficial.com.  

(All photos courtesy of Moxie)