Big Man On Campus

Big Man on Campus is a long standing tradition at Red Mountain where high school boys are able to put on their pageant faces and impress the crowd. Club Interact will hold this year’s show in the auditorium on Jan. 12, 2017.

“Big Man on Campus is a male pageant that raises money for a charity in our community,” senior Abigail Sharpe said. “This year we’ll be raising money for Ronald McDonald House, which houses families while a loved one is in the hospital.”

Compared to previous years, this year’s Big Man on Campus is rumored to have a more diverse participant group with a huge variety in personalities and talents.

“We want guys who aren’t afraid to have fun with it and who love to entertain a crowd,” Mr. Jones said. “I truly believe this is one of the most talented groups we have had since I have been here. I really think the show will be very entertaining.”

As time draws near, contestants are eager to work with one another to produce another successful show.

“I am looking forward to being with my friends and seeing what everyone is going to do for their talent,” senior Brett Marquez said.

Winning Big Man on Campus last year, Maxwell Wickens stands tall for the whole auditorium to see. “It was super meaningful to be up on stage with a great group of friends,” Wickens said. “Winning Big Man on Campus made me so grateful and proud to be a part of Red Mountain. I didn’t think I was going to win at all, but I was happy I did.” Photo courtesy of Yearbook.


In addition to preparing for the pageant, competitors recommend certain tactics to assist with the production process.

“All you can do is keep it cool and do you,” senior Michael Jones said. “Things aren’t going to go 100 percent as planned and that’s inevitable, so roll with the punches and work with whatever happens.”

Although the boys compete to win, there can only be one winner per category. One category, Audience Choice, incorporates support from the crowd.

“Contestants can win Audience Choice, Most Re-tweets and Mr. Congeniality where the guys vote for their favorite contestant,” Sharpe said. “Audience Choice votes from the audience is what a lot of our donation money to our charity comes from, so we really encourage audience members to cast their vote for their favorite member.”

In the end, the crown is handed down to a new guy, and they will then earn the title of Big Man on Campus. For more information about the pageant or Club Interact, contact Mr. Jones in Room 280.

(Featured Photo by Veronica Moriala)