Skiing vs. Snowboarding

“Skiing is great because it is like riding a bike, once you learn, you will never forget how to ski.”

– Rachel Ray

The changing weather signals the official start of winter sports. Whether they are competitive or do it just for fun, many winter enthusiasts take advantage of the season to hit the slopes. Whether one prefers skiing or snowboarding, either sport allows students to enjoy their winter break to the fullest.

“My family uses winter break as a time to get away from our busy schedules to go snowboarding for a few days,” junior Sara Svoboda said. “I really enjoy doing this because it’s nice family bonding for us.”

There are many pros to becoming a skier. For example, the first time skiing seems to be much simpler than the first time snowboarding. First-timers tend to pick up on skills quickly and can be seen skiing the mountain by the first or second day. The reason for the simplicity is because, like walking, skis are separated into two independent leg movements.

“I began skiing because my dad skis, and it is something fun we can do together,” junior Rachel Ray said. “Skiing is great, too, because it is like riding a bike, once you learn, you will never forget how to ski.”

A panorama of a ski slope on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana. Photo by Marlee Hotchkiss.

Those that prefer snowboarding think it is easier to get around from one ski lift to the next, and that once you are experienced it becomes easier to perform stunts.  Plus, the cost of snowboarding gear tends to be much cheaper than skiing.

At the Arizona Snowbowl, sophomore Lauren Svoboda and junior Sara Svoboda take a quick break from snowboarding.

“It all depends on your background, if you grew up skating or surfing then muscle memory will be transferred to snowboarding,” junior Cameron Sembeluk said. “If you didn’t grow up doing those sports it might take a little longer to learn, but once you do, the possibilities are endless.”

A random poll collected from students rated their preference to ski, snowboard or neither, the poll shows that snowboarding is preferred at this campus, with 65 percent of votes for snowboarding, 23 percent for skiing and 12 percent saying neither.

Whether the favorite is skiing, which is easier to learn but harder to master, or snowboarding, which is harder to learn but easier to master, the winter season promises fun for all snow enthusiasts.

(Featured photo by Nicole Svoboda)