Dare to Dance at Red Mountain’s “Move”

Dance students leaped and twirled through every step as they rigorously prepared for months to kick off this year’s winter dance concert, “Move,” in the auditorium on Dec. 1–2. The dance classes strive for a performance that showcases their talents and efforts.

“Rehearsals and concerts are really fun,” senior Jessi Carmona said. “We get to see what other dancers have been working on which is interesting and gives us ideas for future dances.”

Dance provides students with an opportunity to be brought together in a positive environment, not only challenging them individually, but also encouraging them to work with others efficiently and productively.

“Knowing that you’re going to be on stage is nerve wracking,” sophomore Trinity Tyler said, “but it’s exciting to know that people are going to be watching a dance that you worked hard on and mastered.”

Each student-choreographed dance was rehearsed with accuracy and precision, so the dancers would create a nearly perfect concert.

“A lot of people are here simply because they enjoy dancing,” Ms. Pavkov said. “They form really close relationships through concert and helping each other out.”

Students in dance express artistic creativity while also strengthening the bonds of friendship. For more information about dance, please contact Ms. Pavkov at ejpavkov@mpsaz.org.

(All photographs by Ms. Saquella)