The Holiday Season and Purchasing Gifts

With the holiday season right around the corner, joy and giving is on everyone’s mind. During the season, families gather to share gifts and stories of the year. When buying gifts, students look for the most appealing items, however, giving can be difficult on the pocketbook.

“Coming from a low income family, I find it difficult to get gifts for friends and family,” junior Brendan Campbell said. “I work two jobs and manage school on my schedule to ensure I can successfully purchase all the gifts I would like to buy for my friends.”

Students sometimes try to take advantage of deals by buying their gifts online during Cyber Week or rushing to stores on Black Friday. Another idea is to purchase affordable gifts at discount stores such as Goodwill, Dollar Store or Big Lots. A survey was conducted on 100 students to see how students get gifts for friends and family. The survey shows 80 percent of students prefer purchasing gifts, 10 percent prefer making gifts and 8 percent prefer baking gifts.

“When I’m looking around for gifts, I try figuring out what I want to get friends before I go shopping,” sophomore Makayla Kaylor said. “Once I find out what I want to get people, I’ll look online and in stores for the best deal. Black Friday and Cyber Week are always the best time I can purchase gifts.”

Students should plan ahead during the holiday season in order to spend smartly and reduce the stress of holiday shopping. Gathering coupons, reading retail ads, downloading store apps for online coupon deals are just a few ways to make your holiday shopping a more enjoyable experience.

(Final photo courtesy of Yearbook)