Kicking it to Win it

Kicking the ball during afterschool practice, Varsity Goalskeeper Jose Lomas prepares for his upcoming game on Nov. 29 against Desert Vista

Students on the boys and girls soccer team are training frequently to become the best they can to win State. The coaches are committed to constructing the best teams for this season and are excited to see that their roster is full of talented athletes. Practice is two hours from 3–5 p.m.after school each day.

“We have a great team,” Coach Gallegos said. “Our goal is to grow as a program, make playoffs and win State.”

The coaches are anxious to see how this year’s team will perform at game time.

The girls soccer team at a daily practice. Photo by Isaac Noriega.

“This is our most talented and disciplined team,” Coach Miller said. “Our goal is to instill a culture of winning and win State.”

The boys are giving it their all and will try their hardest to become state champions.

“We are taking on the challenge,” boys varsity goalkeeper José Lomas said “We will always give it 100 percent on the field to reach our goals of making State.”

The team captains were picked on Friday, Nov. 18 during practice. The title of team captain is given to a student who shows courage and leadership both on and off the field. A captain needs to give time and effort in order to set a team up for success.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to playoffs this year,” Varsity Team Captain and senior Aubree Incardone said. “I think we have the potential and need to play with heart every single game.”

The first boys game was on Nov. 29 against Desert Vista. On Dec.13, girls soccer plays a game against the Westview Knights. For more information regarding soccer, visit or