Tip Top Students Talk Tips

Writing in his notebook senior Ethan VanDemark studies for his honors calculus test

Students at Red Mountain are responsible for learning and preparing for life after high school. Some students have gone above and beyond by studying in and out of the classroom and have the grades to back them up.

“I spend a lot of time on my homework to not just be prepared for the test but to retain the information and to be able to apply it in real life,” senior Jared Wiley said.

These students pay attention in class and do assignments to the best of their abilities.

“A lot of kids believe that in order to succeed in classes they need to study hours the night before a test,” senior Ethan Vandermark said. “In reality, you must do all the homework assignments and classwork because that is what really gets you to not just understand the material but to keep the information with you for a long time.”

Looking at her computer and writing in her journal, junior Megan McCarthy studies for physics.
Looking at her computer and writing in her journal, junior Megan McCarthy studies for physics. Photo by Trent Stimac

Some of the top students at Red Mountain have to focus on their classes outside of the school.

“I am doing a flight training program that requires about four hours of studying each night,” senior Brandon Lee said, “I also have to study and understand regular high school classes.”

Many top students have also attributed their success to being pushed by their parents to strive for greatness.

“My parents have always pushed me to be the best I can be,” senior Rebecca Moser said. “They know that I have many talents, and they want me to use the talents that I have been given in order to succeed in life.”

While maintaining their focus on school work, some also participate in various clubs and sports around Red Mountain such as cross country. Some believe this is just additional stress, but others disagree.

“I love participating in cross country,” junior Megan McCarthy said. “It allows you to rest your mind and focus on doing something that you love to do and takes the stress away from school.”

These students are going above and beyond what is expected of them and they put in the work to succeed both now and later in life.

“It’s definitely hard work, but it’s worth it because college will be easier to get into, and we won’t have to stress as much our senior year,” senior Jacob Wrightsman said.

(Featured photo by Trent Stimac)