An Update On Mr. Wedge

In memory of the late band director, Mr. Wedge, three students collaborated to create a sculpture in his honor. The three students are juniors Jack McCahan, Anthony Franco and Kanin Fife. The dedication was on October 27 from 3-4 p.m.

Proudly displaying their koala sculptures on October 27, Jack McCahan, Anthony Franco and Kanin Fife stand in front of a framed picture of Mr. Wedge.  Photo by Ava Hansen.

    “He may be gone, but now there is a piece of him that will be here forever. For all the future band students at Red Mountain, always push yourself to be better, work your hardest to be the best and remember to have a little fun while you’re here.”

– Anthony Franco

During the speech, the three students presented a miniature koala statue to Mr. Johnson, referencing an inside joke that Mr. Wedge resembled a koala. Students and staff members shared fond memories of Mr. Wedge.

    “I am so proud of a group of our very own students who have created a beautiful memorial in honor of Vince. Vince certainly showed us the impact a human being can have on others, and for that he will always be part of who we are.”

– Principle Mr. Ryan

The sculpture will reside in the band room, Room 403.

After receiving a koala statue in memory of Mr. Wedge, Mr. Johnston gives a hug to Kanin Fife in the band room on October 27. Photo By Ava Hansen.

(Featured photo by Ms. Saquella)