Teacher Feature Week 4

Mr. Brimhall

Department Chair, Social Studies


Q: Why did you choose Red Mountain?

Brimhall: Red Mountain is a place where students, faculty and staff enjoy what they do and work hard to achieve in all areas. I knew that if I worked here, I would be able to continue to grow as a teacher and would have the community behind me as I tried to be the best teacher I could be. I wanted to be among students who cared about their education and were willing to do the work curiosity demands. Working at Red Mountain has helped me far beyond the content knowledge of the courses I teach. Over the years, the fires of classroom life continue to refine me: to learn to be kind, merciful, to appreciate the value inherent in every person, beyond scores and letter grades and assignments-due. I love to learn and love to teach. I wanted to spend my life in service to a cause greater than my wallet.

Q: What unique characteristic do you bring to Red Mountain?

Brimhall: I am energetic, creative, entertaining, willing to push students to always be their best selves, even when they are tired, stressed, or the way to perfect academic skills appears long and difficult. Mostly, I think my students know I care about them and want them to be successful.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Brimhall: I love being with young people, serving as a personal trainer for their minds, pushing them to see beyond the dim, pale horizons of their self-imposed limitations. I love sharing a joke, telling a story, illustrating a concept, walking together as a fellow-traveler on a journey of discovery, instead of the Authority. I love watching understanding unfold like beautiful flower, sometimes time-lapsed over a year, and often, bursting through in an instant. I work to foster collaboration, the paradigm shift, and sometimes, just to try and ease the monotony of school-life a bit for the people in my classroom.

Ms. Ovalle

Digital Art


Q: Why did you choose Red Mountain?

Ovalle: This is my first year, and I wanted a chance to teach digital art because that is my true passion. I wanted to bring the creativity back to art.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Ovalle: Seeing students become better, and seeing the “ah-ha” moments and having students show me what they were able to accomplish. I’ve been trained in both professional art and digital art. I love using programs like Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I also want to learn every form of art there is.

Ms. Romero

Student Adviser Secretary


Q: What is your position at Red Mountain? What do you do on a day to day basis?

Romero: I’m the Secretary in the Advisement office. On a daily basis, I will schedule appointments for both students and parents to see one of the nine Student Advisers for personal and academic needs. I’m also the one that coordinates all 504 accommodation plans.

Q: Why did you choose Red Mountain?

Romero: I choose Red Mountain because of the reputation this school has, and I couldn’t think of a better school to start my new career. Now that I’m here, I realize it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love being able to interact with the students and having the opportunity to work with an outstanding staff.

Q: What unique characteristics do you bring to Red Mountain?

Romero: I have an extensive Customer Service background from working in a Call Center since I was 19 years old. I’m an empathic person and happy all the time, so that has really come in handy working in this office. And, it also helps that I love working with people.