Teacher Feature Week 3

Ms. Burns

English and AVID


Q: What unique characteristic do you bring to Red Mountain?

Burns: I love high school. Some of my favorite memories are from high school, and I try to encourage students to do the same. I have taught grades 7-12, so I can relate to different ages and different backgrounds. I am an AVID teacher and coordinator who helps students learn about the demands of college and helps them prepare.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Burns: The students… Kids, young adults, whatever – they are hilarious and make me smile each day. I enjoy the insight they bring to the classroom, but I also love how they worry so much about now. There is so much more for them to learn, and there will be time as long as they keep trying.

Ms. Zeper

Senior Student Adviser


Q: What is your position at Red Mountain? What do you do on a day to day basis?

Zeper: This is my third year as an adviser at Red Mountain. I meet with students daily to help them with school planning/problems and social/emotional issues. Also, right now I am working with our awesome class of 2017 to help students with letters of recommendation and planning their life after high school.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Red Mountain?

Zeper: The relationships. I work with the best department. I truly enjoy working with all of the other counselors and I love the students.

Mr. Gardner

Academic Interventionist


Q: Why did you choose Red Mountain?

Gardner: This is my fifth year at Red Mountain, and I chose to work here because this is the community I live in, and I want to be involved in and have a positive impact in my community.

Q: What unique characteristic do you bring to Red Mountain?

Gardner: I bring empathy to my work. I was a student who didn’t always care or see the purpose of school, and I remember what that was like. I want to help students overcome those challenges.  I love working with students and seeing the success that comes from hard work.