Screenprinting Class: Transitioning to the Future

One of the lesser known ways for students to become involved on campus is screen printing. This class teaches a plethora of skills and benefits, while providing clubs and groups on campus with the shirts they need.

“This class is another avenue that isn’t offered at most schools, which allows the students to get involved. When they are out on campus, they have a sense of pride knowing that they made the shirts others are wearing.”

– Coach Appel

This class started six years ago in order to give students another method to get job experience before they enter the real world.

“My boss in the district knew that I wanted to do a student run business, and they asked me if I wanted to tackle this, so we ordered the equipment and have been going ever since.” Coach Appel said. “Every year keeps getting better.”

Just like any other task in life, there are challenges that go with the benefits.

“Timelines are the greatest challenge,” Coach Appel said. “It’s not like we are a screenprinting company, we just have the class first and second period, so we don’t have as much time as other companies to get the orders in.”

Over the years, this has taught over 70 students important skills they can use in the real world for their futures.

“The benefits are that students are motivated and enjoy it, they can go straight out into the workforce with training, and companies know that they are already trained,” Coach Appel said. “These jobs usually start out at $12 to $14 an hour, so it’s better than working for minimum wage. Some students don’t follow through with this path, and they just take the class for an elective that sounds more appealing to them than the average class.”

For more information on the screenprinting class on campus, visit  or talk to Coach Appel in room 315.

(Feature photo by Hector Uribe)