The Red Mountain Way Flag

Last year a group of teachers, staff and administrators were challenged to look at Red Mountain’s campus culture and identify areas of need. They collected evidence across campus and visited other campuses.

“A big area which stuck out to the entire team was the need to increase school spirit,” Principal Mr. Ryan said.  “From Student Council feedback to student survey results, there was a great concern that the size of our campus made it difficult to truly build community and maintain excitement about the events across campus.”

The connection to building a solid community and maintaining excitement became known as “The Red Mtn Way.” It quickly gave new optimism to the team regarding what may be possible.

“This is something we need to celebrate.”

– Principal Mr. Ryan

“’The Red Mtn Way’ flag concept was created through team discussions regarding the need to honor more campus excellence and give attention to so many well deserving programs,” Mr. Ryan said. “The thought was that students and faculty being made aware of the awesome things going on around them would go a long way in building pride within each student.”

Examples for celebrating success include flying the flag for the school receiving a civic award, honoring Mr. Wedge, the girls golf team winning a the City title and the orchestra students getting awarded the top honor at a recent competition.

“This is something we need to celebrate but is often only known by the students who take part in the events,” Mr. Ryan said. “These students deserve to be recognized by their entire campus while it simply gives all students and staff something else to be proud of.”
Ultimately, “The Red Mtn Way” flag flies for all Red Mountain students and the outstanding accomplishments of the community – #TheRedMtnWay.

(Featured photo by Ms. Saquella)