Spooky Sweets and Terrifying Treats

With only a little effort, you can create treats similar to this group of orange frosted pumpkin cakes to wow all your friends.

Halloween treats are a good way to impress guests at creepy parties. There are many creative ways to make desserts that resemble Halloween-themed horrors.

“I put black food coloring into cookie dough and then use white frosting to look like a skeleton,” sophomore Kylee Dungy said.

Halloween-themed sweets can require lots of creativity and preparation.

“Having the creative thoughts and hard work will accomplish the goal to make a really good boring treat look like something new and exciting,” junior Corbin Wingo said.

When making treats, it’s important to make them neat and spooky at the same time.

“Halloween is my favorite [holiday]. “I really enjoy going to my friend’s Halloween party because her mom makes all kinds of spooky desserts,” sophomore Zaira Cid de Leon said. “It’s fun to see everyone dressed up. At my friend’s party, we dance, play games and eat yummy treats.”

Photo by Imperpay at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
There are creative treats that will satisfy the taste buds of just about everyone.

“I have a couple ideas for Halloween treats,” junior Maryann Benjamin said. “Making mousse cakes that look like a graveyard, another idea is to make pigs in a blanket look like mummies. I have one last idea to make cake pops look like goblins with eyes and give it a chocolate kiss hat. My mom and I made these kinds of treats yearly on Halloween. They turn out great.”

Normal recipes can quickly be turned into ghoulish sweets by simply adding an extra ingredient.

“A good recipe is severed fingers. It’s easy because you can put almond slices with red food coloring on sugar cookies shaped as fingers,” Culinary teacher Ms. Hemmerlin said.

For more information on making fun treats, contact Culinary Teacher Ms. Hemmerlin in room 100, or go to Halloween recipe at http://allrecipes.com/recipes/189/holidays-and-events/halloween/.

(Featured photo by Steven Sawyer)