Serves You Right: The Red Mountain Girls Volleyball Team

Who:Kayla Subbert What:Girls Vollyeball Where:The Red Mountain Gym When:September 13,2016 Why:Varsity Volleyball game How:By blocking the ball


The girls volleyball team has started their season off with a 7-3 record through rigorous practice and team building in order to make their way to State. To do that, the entire volleyball team is working on improving their game.

“The volleyball team is improving their skills by being in weight lifting classes, watching film after games and practicing 5-6 times a week,” senior and varsity player Jenna Davidson said.

To better their chances, the volleyball teams are working overtime to improve all of their skills. They are putting forth all effort so that they can to make it to State and win title this season.

Taylor Westra saving the ball by Danielle Kernaghan.JPG
Going to save the ball, Junior Sierra Bailey dives to the floor on September 13,2016. Photo by Danielle Kernaghan.

“We are taking statistics on our skills to measure our progress, and every day during the week all three teams will come together to either do study hall or team bonding for an hour and a half,” senior and varsity captain Mya Kyler said. “So, we are more of a family and are practicing harder.”

All teams are striving to weave themselves into a tight-knit group. The coaches have implemented activities like after school study sessions to keep grades up and help out the community with service learning.

“The volleyball team is watching more film this year and conditioning a lot more,” Davidson said. “We want to fix our mistakes and work as a team in improving ourselves.”

Mya Kyler playing volleyball- Saquella.jpg
Going to hit the ball, Myla Kyler plays for the girls volleyballl team against Basha on Sept. 13, 2016. Photo by Ms. Saquella

Only varsity competes in the State championship, but that does not stop freshmen and junior varsity from preparing just as hard. The teams must collaborate to become more like a family on and off the court.

“We have been doing team bonding sessions,” sophomore Rachel Eineker said. “Our practice time used to be freshmen, J.V. and then varsity. Now we all have practice at the same time.”

The volleyball teams are doing all they can to prepare for their season games and for seasons yet to come. For more information about volleyball visit

(Featured photo by Danielle Kernaghan)