Little Shop of Horrors

The fall musical, “Little Shop of Horrors,” written by playwright Howard Ashman, is under way. Student actors and teachers are rehearsing for another musical that includes an abundant amount of laughter, rock tunes and a horrifying plant that feeds on human flesh and blood.

“I love the plant,” Drama teacher Mr. Erickson said. “You can have fun with the voice and be creative with the choices. It takes on a life of its own.”

Little Shop of Horrors- Alexis Hernandez.JPG
Senior Abigail Bickley assists in directing the upcoming musical “Little Shop of Horrors” in Room 404. Photo by Alexis Hernandez

After a long week of auditions, the show opens soon and will be held in the auditorium. With the help of senior director Abigail Bickley, the production’s creativity is not only based on teachers but also students.

“Finding a balance between keeping the cast in line and directing has been a bit of a struggle, but Mr. Erickson and I really enjoy cracking jokes with the cast, so it’s a fun time,” Bickley said.

On top of all of the homework and rehearsing, junior Mandy Larsen has a different method to get through rehearsals and stay sane.

“I get really overwhelmed with all the things I have to do like memorizing,” Larsen said. “The easiest moment in the pre-production is when I get a moment to take a power nap.”

Senior Joseph Hughes has a different method on how he is able to memorize his lines while having to keep up with school work.

Junior Anthony Procopio rehearses a scene from the production with the cast. Photo by Alexis Hernandez

“It’s quite a process actually,” Hughes said. “I’ll randomly blurt out lines in the shower, when I’m with my friends or at work. It may sound strange, but it works.”

“Little Shop of Horrors” runs from November 2-5 in the auditorium and pre-sale tickets are $8. With a dedicated cast and a talented crew, the show is aiming to be a success. For more information about the musical or drama club, visit Room 404.

(Featured photo by Alexis Hernandez)