Exchanging Perspectives

 The foreign exchange student program at Red Mountain High School gives its participants a chance to experience new culture and widen their worldly view. This year Red Mountain High School is hosting 10 students from around the world: Nerea Buenza, Spain; Sophie Hafner, Germany; Leila Jouini, Finland; Vasco Montanio, Italy; Phuc Nguyen, Vietnam; Shoryu Shiobara, Japan; Shuri Takaba, Japan; Quach Trang Phuong, Vietnam; Arieanne Van Willigenburg, Netherlands; and Tim Wenzler, Germany.

“Meeting someone from a different culture essentially widens [students’] perspective on what’s out there.”

– Mr. Wasilewski

“The students traveling internationally get a very different perspective on the world,” Student Advisor Mr. Wasilewski said. “It enables them to get out of their comfort zone and grow as individuals.”

Students have the opportunity to study in a different country that provides them with a more diverse vantage point through interacting with students from a foreign culture and society.

“I like it because I think this way to teach is better,” senior Vasco Montanino, an exchange student from Italy said. “I can understand better with all of the tests.”

Students in the program have the advantage of being able to experience two educational systems. This gives them the opportunity to figure out what works best for them. The schooling system here has regular testing, which helps students keep track of their learning responsibilities and where they are educationally. In other countries, testing only occurs occasionally.

Mr. Wasilewski has been in charge of the program for the past three years. Throughout his time, the program has impacted the student body in positive ways.

“Meeting someone from a different culture essentially widens their perspective on what’s out there,” Mr. Wasilewski said.

Students at Red Mountain get to benefit as well by being able to experience a new culture and get a taste of what the world has to offer. For more information about the foreign exchange program, talk to Mr. Wasilewski in the Student Advisement Office at Red Mountain High School.