Red Mountain Students check out the AZ State Fair


The Arizona State Fair is in town Oct. 7-30 this year. Favorites of the fair include the ride “Teen Paradise,” Chocolate-Covered Bacon and magic shows.

“One of the first times I went, I saw a magician,” junior Emma McQueen said. “He did the typical things you would normally see like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.”

This year’s rides include “The Clown Glass,” “Haunted Mansion” and the “Groovy Bus.” The “The Groovy Bus” is a little train ride with custom Volkswagen-themed busses. Another new ride is “Alien Abduction,” a custom-built ride which rotates at 24 rotations per minute using centrifugal force to float the passengers off the floor, so they feel weightless.

“I go to the state fair just to get out and have fun with my family and friends.”

– Allyson McGrew, Senior

Girls Volleyball-Natalie Comier-10-102216-Danielle Kernaghan-JW-
Waiting to go on to the Disco Ride at the Arizona State Fair, sophomore Natalie Comier has fun with her friends on October 22, 2016. Photo by Danielle Kernaghan.

“My favorite ride is the spinning teacups because they are so much fun,” senior Gary (Will) Ludke said. “My mother and I would spend all day just on that ride.”

Food at the state fair can be unique, such as the new spaghetti ice cream, bacon-wrapped pork belly and deep fried cinnamon rolls.

“Funnel cake is my favorite food at the state fair because it’s warm, sweet and melts in your mouth,” senior Victoria Huston said.

For most people, the state fair is the perfect place to have fun with people you care about.

The Arizona State Fair comes once a year for one month. For more information, visit

(Featured photo courtesy of Arizona State Fair)