Education Connection

Working on her online course, junior Natalie Jackson reads over an assignment at lunch in the media center.

The use of technology increases as the years go by, and schools are starting to include online schooling into their districts. Students have the option to take online courses over summer break and during the school year, so they can get credits out of the way.

“[Courses offered] are regular English, Math, Social Studies, Science and some electives.” Student Advisor Ms. Griner said.

There are many different types of online schooling, but the main program is Mesa Distance Learning Program more commonly known as MDLP. Essentially, anyone can take an online course at the cost of $150 a semester class. The challenge of online classes is that students must complete their work on their own time, and they will not be reminded to turn in their work. It is up to them to get assignments done.

“The best thing about online class was I didn’t need to worry about the stress and pressure of comparing my grades to others. If I had any advice to give it would be stay focused at all times and on top of your assignments.”

– Emma McQueen, Junior

Students can enroll in an online course by talking to their Student Advisor to see what classes are available according to their credit count. Together they will discuss different schooling options and the best option for the student. For more information, talk to a Student Advisor in the counselor’s office, or go to for a course catalog of available classes.

(Featured photo by Carly House)