The Tides Have Turned for the Red Mountain’s Varsity Swim Team

Swimming at their practice, varsity swimmers go through their sets at the Schepard Pool on September 9, 2016.

The swim team is off to a challenging season with a 2-2 record. In order to improve the swim team has made new changes in order to strengthen and increase their productivity. The most significant differences include no junior varsity team, daily food logs and an additional sixth-hour conditioning class.

With no junior varsity team, all but the freshmen swimmers are placed on the varsity team. This allows more athletes to go to the City meet with the varsity team.

     “I think since we are all swimming on varsity now, it challenges us more.”

– Mackenzie Black, Junior

Athletes keep daily food logs to regulate their diet, which enhances their performance during practices and meets. Swimmers are avoiding certain food types to improve their performance.

“We are trying to avoid carbohydrates that enter the body quickly and cause blood sugar spikes,” Head Varsity Swim Coach Michael Peterson said. “Journal entries are for all of the food we eat each day and for creating healthier habits.”

Additionally, the coaches added a sixth-hour conditioning class to help with the athletes’ performances. Having this extra class warms them up for after-school practice.

“Practice is calm and focused,” varsity swimmer and junior Kalysta Huston said. “compared to at meets, we are more competitive and yell for our teammates more.”

The swim team looks forward to counting more wins and cannot wait to see what they can amount to. For more information, visit the swim page or see Coach Peterson in Room 155.

(Featured photo by Cebada Boyles)