Student athletes

Studying on the football field Junior Justin Huffman sits down and reads a pre calculus book

“You want to spend as much time on school as you put into the sport you play.”

– Justin Huffman, Junior

High school athletes are the definition of determination. These students put in long hours of practice, yet still find ways to maintain good grades.

Time management is key, athletes must be able to deal with the heavy workload they are given and the long practice hours.

“You want to spend as much time on school as you put into the sport you play,” junior varsity football player Justin Huffman said.

Students are required to turn in their grades to coaches weekly, and if they have a “C,” they have to go to tutoring. If they have a “D” they cannot participate in practice or games.

“It’s a lot of pressure because if we don’t get good grades then we won’t be able to participate in our sport that we love so much,” senior Rebecca Moser said.

However, some student athletes have to participate in more than sports and school. There are many areas outside of school where student athletes have responsibilities, such as working an after school job or helping their parents out at home.

“I not only have to do school and my sport, but I also have to help my dad with his work,” senior Albert Talamantes said.

Student athletes that have work outside of school in addition to sports have more trouble maintaining grades than the average student athlete. Many find that their competitiveness is what drives them forward both on and off the field.

“I love to compete, it’s why I play the game and that competitiveness also drives me to do as well as I possibly can in the classroom,” varsity track and football player senior Cody Rappaport said.

Some student athletes are not only passing their classes but are thriving in them.

“It’s really just about focus,” senior Carter Liu, who is in football and track, said. “I come home from my practices, and I work hard on my schoolwork. The hard work has paid off.”

Student athletes are some of the most devoted students on campus. Most are not only excelling on the field but also in the classroom.

(Featured photo by Trent Stimac)