Step Into Lion Time

During Lion Time, sophomore Isaiah Hetrick gets tutoring help on how to identify linear pairs on Sept. 28, 2016.

Lion Time is a new initiative that is a part of Red Mountain’s intervention program On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Lion Time offers tutoring to students who need to improve their grade. During this time students receive academic help for a particular content area. The intervention project’s mission is to increase student achievement, and Lion Time will do just that by enforcing a tutoring time on students. Lion Time is a 30 minute class period at the end of second hour dedicated to reteaching students missed concepts or skills in specific content areas.

“The purpose of Lion Time is to increase students success by providing re-teaching opportunities and appropriate academic support for all students, we need to give students more time to work with their teachers.”

– Principal Mr. Ryan

Lion Time was introduced this year because students were not attending their scheduled tutoring time last year.

“Some students are not accountable,” Geometry teacher Mr. Moore said. “Now they don’t have an option to hang out with their friends instead of not taking advantage of tutoring time.”
Lion Time already is positively impacting some students because it partners them with their number one resource…Their teacher.

“The students who have shown up have benefited,” Mr. Moore said. “I think they should expand it to everyday because it’s really valuable time.”

Lion Time supports consistent attendance to tutoring time and encourages active student engagement. For more information about Lion Time, go to http://ww

(Featured photo by Isaac Noriega)