Blink 182’s “California” Comeback

Blink 182-Brie Ritter-12-Kenzie Halliday-11-092416-VS-1
On Saturday, September 24, junior Kenzie Halliday and senior Brie Ritter meet members of Blink 182 before the concert. Photo courtesy of Ak-Chin Pavilion Productions.

On Sept. 24 at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, punk rock band Blink-182, performed their comeback album “California” to Arizona fans. Thousands of fans came to support the band’s newly released music that has taken them over five years to release.  

The Californian band originated in 1992, at the peak of the pop-punk rock era. Their original success lasted only three years until lead singer Tom DeLonge decided to take a break from the industry. But in 2011, the band reformed with new singer Matt Skiba as lead vocalist.

“For the longest time, I thought that Blink-182 was over, and I was left with their 90’s music,” senior Andre King said. “But then, after they reconnected and released their album ‘Neighbourhood,’ all I could think about was their music, and I was hooked.”   

Their newest album “California” topped the U.S. Billboard Charts as number one for over two weeks and continues to stay ahead in rankings.

“I think that’s what makes me like Blink-182 the most. They have surprisingly always been ‘underdogs’ in the industry,” junior Joseph Bien said. “Their music is so good, but until now, they have not always been noticed.”

The band’s music is known for its catchy lyrics and relatable topics. Some of their most popular songs include “Bored to Death,” “All the Small Things,” and “Miss You.”

“I think my favorite song from Blink-182 would have to be ‘Miss You’ because I relate most to what they are talking about,” senior Sarah Henley said. “The lyrics are so accurate, and it makes me feel like I am not alone.”

Blink-182’s tour has been said to be one of the most energetic and exciting yet, showcasing all their new tunes and previewing what is still yet to come.

“I’ve been to countless concerts, but I have to say their concert has been one of the best,” said King. “You can really tell they have a passion for music, and they care tremendously about giving back to their fans.”

Blink-182 performed their comeback album on their tour “California” on Sept.24 at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix. For more information about them or their tour, visit

Members of Blink- 182 sit inside a retired warfare submarine in Millington, Tenn. after performing a benefit concert for sailors, Marines and their families. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.